Our History


The band’s history spans over two decades. This information will be expanded upon as data is verified with the appropriate parties.

The Early Years (1993-1997)

Players involved: Vincent Lane, David Evans, Mike Esposito, Brian Hart

Facts: Quite honestly, we all were just learning to play. Two of us (Brian Hart and Vincent Lane) went out and purchased new equipment and starting playing a new instrument. Sessions are documented on tape from many of these early meetings and have yet to really be scrutinized and cataloged. David and Mike had been jamming for a few years prior, so they had a head start on the rest of the band. Shows were rare at this stage, but the few that were had we are sure were a bit rough to the ears of the listeners. In spring 1997, David Evans moved down to Nashville and the band was put on hiatus for a few years.

Second Coming (1999-2004)

Players Involved: Vincent Lane, David Evans, Mike Esposito, Steve Anderson, Zach Tubb

Facts: The band reconvened in spring 1999 when David moved back up with his band mate Zach Tubb, who also happened to be Ernest Tubb’s grandson. The band played out as a four piece around Albany, Schenectady and Colonie regularly and started to have a few die hard fans. Zach moved back to Nashville in early 2000 and it was at that time the band added another guitarist Steve Anderson. Steve helped define some of the early reaLation recordings as he had a flair for production. The members were bummed when he moved to Rhode Island in late 2000.
The band continued on as a three piece. Throughout the next few years, the gigs got better. The band was a regular at numerous venues around the area and was able to play outside of the Pepsi Arena for special events for some of the Albany sports teams. But alas, Nashville again called out to David. And what was the band to do with the momentum it had created?

The Beat Goes On (2004-2006)

Players Involved: Vincent Lane, Mike Esposito, Tom Nasadoski, Jeromie Charpentier

David’s move to Nashville brought on swift and immediate changes in the band’s lineup. Vincent recruited in childhood friend Tom Nasadoski in May of 2004 to fill the guitarist slot. Tom really helped in expanding the band’s cover song base, which now included many hits from the 70’s to the 90’s. The band was flourishing and playing out several times a month.┬áSadly Tom had his fill of being a ultra busy musician by late 2004 and decided to take a step back.

The band was yet again in recruitment mode when they serendipitously crossed paths with a phenomenal player from the northern part of New York State Jeromie Charpentier. Jeromie had a long history of band experience and a great skill set that pushed the band to another level. With the new experience and direction in tow, the band decided to retire the reaLation name for a bit and go in a new direction. But, as we all knew, there was no killing reaLation and the name and focus would reappear just a few short years later.

The Hiatus (2006- 2011)