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Fame Wizard Newsletter Feature

Thank you to David Malachowski and the Times Union for this wonderful review:

“wicked good tuneage here the blend of styles, punching in elements of ska, rock and funk to make a tasty, tight gumbo of goodness..particularly liked those horn stabs and the funky riff of “suite”…great skills guys!”
—  Mike White, Mike White Presents
This music is wonderful. This band knows how to rock and how sing. They will make everyday you listen to them one of the best days of your life.
—Smiley in the USA

Suite is a sweet track ~

—Diana Lee

I’m diggin’ the grooves with the clean funk guitar as well! Lots of energy. Keep up the great work

—sleeping dogs lie

Cool sound and vibe!

— Badger Static

Great songs nice flow, super confident sound, Great job

— 1050 Studios

Deep Thoughts

-“Ranting” about someone that displeases you only keeps it alive in your experience. Think of it this way- if you are trying to extinguish a stoking fire, would you add fuel to it? Probably not. Adding fuel (your rant) to a stoking fire (your current situation which displeases you) only keeps the embers flaming.

– Drop the negativity and watch your life explode with positive results. Lose those who live in a “losers mentality” as they can only bring you down-either by projecting their fear and/or their jealously upon you.

– Your personal universe is a sacred space. Want to be happy and peaceful evermore? Insulate your personal universe. Remove anyone or anything that is not raising you up. No matter who/what they are. Nothing has to matter and nothing has to exist if you don’t want it to. Control your thoughts and evict those head space squatters.