Deep Thoughts

-“Ranting” about someone that displeases you only keeps it alive in your experience. Think of it this way- if you are trying to extinguish a stoking fire, would you add fuel to it? Probably not. Adding fuel (your rant) to a stoking fire (your current situation which displeases you) only keeps the embers flaming.

– Drop the negativity and watch your life explode with positive results. Lose those who live in a “losers mentality” as they can only bring you down-either by projecting their fear and/or their jealously upon you.

– Your personal universe is a sacred space. Want to be happy and peaceful evermore? Insulate your personal universe. Remove anyone or anything that is not raising you up. No matter who/what they are. Nothing has to matter and nothing has to exist if you don’t want it to. Control your thoughts and evict those head space squatters.