The 432 debate

8/26/14- We have decided to record going forward at 432 hz. Want to know what all the buzz is about?

Two shows this week!

Two shows this week. First this on Thursday at Bomber’s in Troy:   Then Mountain Madness in Esperance, NY on Saturday. We play later in the afternoon. Here is their Facebook page with all of the appropriate info:… Read More »

The Key

8/13/14: Your personal universe is a sacred space. Want to be happy and peaceful evermore? Insulate your personal universe. Remove anyone or anything that is not raising you up. No matter who/what they are. Nothing has to matter and nothing has… Read More »

Happy Happy Joy Joy

8/4/14- reaLation is proud to be the newest member of CJG Innovative, a music management and  support company whose goal is educate and guide independent musicians looking to make a career in music. Ghezzi and her team of industry professionals specialize in… Read More »